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Pore-Scale Transport towards Sustainable Petroleum and Environmental Resources Development

February 8, 2019 9:00 AM

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Dr. Wen Song, Assistant Professor
Hildebrand Dept. of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering


Sustainable petroleum recovery requires fundamental understanding of the pore-scale fluid-mineral interactions that ultimately dictate multiphase transport through the subsurface. To understand transport dynamics in petroleum reservoirs, I develop novel real-rock microfluidics with geometric- and mineralogical-representation of geological media and use them to provide powerful direct, real-time pore-scale flow visualization of the fundamental pore-scale transport dynamics. In this talk, I describe techniques to develop real-rock microfluidics and engineering science advances made using real-rock microfluidics.  Specifically, I present the first direct visual observation of crude oil/brine/mineral interactions in subsurface systems, discovery of a clay-stabilized Pickering emulsification mechanism, and application of the fundamental emulsification mechanism towards designing a method that improves hydrocarbon recovery by 8%.  Looking forward, I describe my vision for leveraging real-rock microfluidics to advance engineering science knowledge in key subsurface opportunities for energy resources recovery.

Wen Song

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas

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