Bureau of Economic Geology

"Attenuation of Seismic Wave in Partially Saturated Sandstones"

May 11, 2018 9:00 AM
Nicola Tisato

Nicola Tisato
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geological Sciences
Jackson School of Geosciences

Geophysical methods allow imaging the subsurface and rely on physical properties of rocks. In the case of seismic tomography, which is the most utilized geophysical method, the knowledge of rheology is pivotal to infer the structure and composition of the Earth interior. Nonetheless, very often geophysicists treat geo-material as purely elastic overlooking at the role of inelasticity. I will present a dataset of seismic-wave attenuation measurements performed on partially saturated Berea sandstone and model the results according to wave-induced-fluid flow theories. The models help to constrain the physics behind the propagation of seismic waves and can be used to upscale the results to reservoir scale problems.