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RI0283. Geological CO2 Sequestration Atlas of Miocene Strata, Offshore Texas State Waters

February 1, 2018

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R. H. Treviño and T. A. Meckel

The purpose of this atlas is to provide a summary of research undertaken as part of a multiyear study (2009–2014) of Texas State Waters and the adjacent Federal Offshore continental shelf (i.e., near offshore waters of the State of Texas). The goal of the study was to assess and analyze existing data from historical hydrocarbon-industry activities in a regional transect of the Texas coast in order to verify the ability of Miocene-age rocks of the region to safely and permanently store large amounts of anthropogenic (industrial) CO2.

The authors’ intent in producing this atlas is to provide a resource for exploring the geological CO2 sequestration potential of the near offshore waters of the State of Texas by populating the atlas with both large-scale regional, qualitative and detailed quantitative information that can help operators quickly assess CO2 sequestration potential at specific sites. This is the first comprehensive attempt to accomplish this goal in the near offshore of the Gulf Coast and United States.



CHAPTER 1: Regional Geology of the Gulf of Mexico and the Miocene Section of the Texas Near-Offshore Waters

CHAPTER 2: Implications of Miocene Petroleum Systems for Geologic CO2 Storage beneath Texas Offshore Lands

CHAPTER 3: Evaluation of Lower Miocene Confining Units for CO2 Storage, Offshore Texas State Waters, Northern Gulf of Mexico, USA

CHAPTER 4: Capillary Aspects of Fault-Seal Capacity for CO2 Storage, Lower Miocene, Gulf of Mexico

CHAPTER 5: Regional CO2 Static-Capacity Estimate, Offshore Saline Aquifers, Texas State Waters

CHAPTER 6: Field-Scale Example of Potential CO2 Sequestration Site in Miocene Sandstone Reservoirs, Brazos Block 440-L Field

CHAPTER 7: Estimating CO2 Storage Capacity in a Saline Aquifer Using 3D Flow Models, Lower Miocene, Texas Gulf of Mexico


APPENDIX A: Regional Cross Sections, Miocene Strata of Offshore Texas State Waters

Keywords: carbon sequestration, CO2 storage, CCS, offshore, Miocene, Texas, State waters, Gulf of Mexico, capacity, fault, seal, hydrocarbon systems, seismic, cross section, well log

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