GCCC Hosts Three CCS Events in Beaumont-Port Arthur

June 23, 2017
CCS Meeting Beaumont-Port Arthur

At a open house at Lamar University CICE, Dallas Dunlap (BEG) compares project potential in the Gulf of Mexico to work conducted in Norway presented by Neils Peter Christiansen (Gassnova)

On June 19-21, the Gulf Coast Carbon Center (GCCC) hosted three consecutive events in the Beaumont–Port Arthur, Texas region to consider both local and global opportunities to capture, transport and store CO2 in deep geologic formations beneath the Gulf of Mexico.

The second International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage was facilitated by Tim Dixon from IEAGHG, and the Bureau's Katherine Romanak. The workshop was held at the Center for Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at Lamar University and  featured presentations, posters, and discussion by researchers, project developers, and regulators from China, South Africa, Japan, Norway, France, the Netherlands, UK, Canada, and across the United States. The Carbon Sequestration leadership Forum (CSLF) supported travel for several key participants. 

Tip Meckel of the Bureau led a field trip (photo, front page) highlighting potential CO2 point sources in the Port Arthur industrial corridor, CO2 transportation options, and the highly-favorable geology in this region.The thick Miocene sandstones beneath State-owned submerged lands in near-offshore Texas provide a high-quality and exceptionally well-known resource for CO2 storage that has been the topic of Bureau investigations for decades, resulting in significant publications and recent major geologic storage-focused research (Texas Offshore Miocene Project, TXLA Offshore CO2 Storage Resource Assessment, The Search for CO2 Storage). Port Arthur hosts rolled out the red carpet for the field trip, hosting visits to Omniport and Air Products facilities and ending with a dinner at the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

The events concluded with a stakeholder workshop and open-house, as part of the CarbonSAFE project, to explore the possibilities and business models that might link CO2 sources and sinks in this area with a deep history and a bright future in handing carbon-based fuels. The information and ideas shared during these events will hopefully lead to an international collaboration on an offshore CCS project and ultimately stimulate implementation of CCS globally.

GCCC CCS Meeting Attendees

Participants at the International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage at the new Center for Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship at Lamar University


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