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Tight Oil Resource Assessment Consortium’s Annual Meeting Covers Broad Range of Research

November 30, 2023
Tora Fall 2023

The Tight Oil Resource Assessment (TORA) research consortium at the Bureau of Economic Geology recently held its annual meeting in Austin. The gathering included far-reaching discussions on a broad range of research topics. Over 30 representatives from TORA member organizations participated in two days of presentations from a dozen TORA geoscientists, engineers, and economists who addressed diverse research areas, including major resource play analyses and novel subsurface concepts.

Presentations that seemed to pique the most interest among attendees included the extension of TORA’s ongoing Permian Basin analysis into the lower Paleozoic section, environmental topics (carbon sequestration, hydrogen sulfide [H2S] occurrence, and hydrogen usage), and productivity and decline analyses.

For more information about the Tight Oil Resource Assessment research consortium or to join, please contact Tim McMahon.

Tora Fall 2023


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