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TexNet and the Center for Integrated Seismicity Research Hold Annual Review

December 21, 2021
TexNet CISR annual review

The Bureau of Economic Geology’s TexNet Earthquake Monitoring Program and the Center for Integrated Seismicity Research (CISR) conducted their sixth consecutive joint Annual Review recently. The meeting focused on a comprehensive review of progress made on the monitoring of the increasing rate of induced earthquakes in Texas and research into causes, the evolving hazard, and mitigation. In person attendance was approximately 75 people with a roughly equal number of online participants.

The stakeholder groups in attendance included representatives of the CISR Science Advisory Committee and their colleagues from the 22 CISR upstream and midstream sponsor companies (the largest number of companies to date); the Texas Governor’s TexNet Technical Advisory Committee; technical staff from the Texas Railroad Commission; and the extended TexNet and CISR operations and research teams from five academic units at UT, Southern Methodist University, UT El Paso, and New Mexico Tech.

Led by Peter Hennings, Principal Investigator of CISR, and Alexandros Savvaidis, TexNet Manager and Principal Investigator, the meeting consisted of general reviews of TexNet and CISR objectives, monitoring and research investment strategy, and research progress. Thirty-one technical presentations were made, spanning the broad categories of:

  • Stakeholder Framing Presentations
  • Earthquake Monitoring
  • Seismology (Detection, Location, and High Resolution Catalogs)
  • Seismology (Seismotectonics, Active Fault Zones, and Deformation)
  • Earthquake Engineering, Hazard, and Risk Research
  • Geology and Geomechanics Integration Studies
  • Seismicity Causal Analysis

It was a highly informative and constructive meeting, and there was widespread consensus that the initial vision to create a TexNet–CISR collaboration across the principal stakeholder groups has become a reality.

To access the TexNet–CISR 2021 Annual Review Abstract Book, please see: https://utexas.box.com/s/v3g85z1t5ksz2mex59yr9ikuozeeoov3

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