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Texas Geologic Mapping Committee 2021 Annual Meeting Held at the Bureau

December 2, 2021
Texas Geologic Mapping Committee 2021 Annual Meeting Held at the Bureau

Representatives from six Texas state agencies (Texas General Land Office, Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and Texas Natural Resources Information System) convened at the Bureau on November 15, 2021, to discuss geologic mapping priorities in Texas.

After lively discussion, short- (one year) and longer-term priorities were determined, including geologic mapping (1) on the Texas Coastal Plain to understand coastal-plain evolution and identify sand resources for coastal restoration, (2) in central and southwest Texas to support water- and mineral-resource evaluations, (3) in the Central Texas urban growth corridor to keep pace with rapid urbanization, and (4) in the Trans-Pecos to continue new work in that area related to critical minerals.

Results from this meeting will help guide preparation of the FY2023 STATEMAP proposal, a cooperative federal and state program that is expanding with the advent of the U.S. GeoFramework Initiative to produce seamless and 3D-enabled geologic maps for the nation.

We greatly appreciate the state agency representatives who assisted us in our prioritization efforts this year.

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