Bureau Researchers Compare Notes on Artificial Intelligence at Workshop

June 13, 2024
Dr. Seyyed Hosseini hosts AI conference

“What is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the future of geoscience research?”

That was the looming question pondered by a large assortment of Bureau of Economic Geology researchers at a lively recent workshop.

Conceived and organized by Bureau Research Professor Dr. Seyyed Hosseini, the workshop was designed for researchers who incorporate machine learning and AI applications into their work. The call that went out across the organization for interested parties and presentation ideas generated a huge response, and 60 Bureau researchers participated. The attendees enjoyed nine thought-provoking presentations, two panel discussions, and multiple occasions for sharing concepts and discussing future challenges and opportunities in the AI space.

Hot discussion topics included creating robust benchmark datasets, tying subject matter knowledge into AI models, and transforming geological data gathered through decades of research at the Bureau into formats ready for AI research. Underlying the overall conversation was a general desire to collaborate across research thrusts to maximize AI learnings and resources.

“My hope and expectation,” remarked Bureau Interim Director Dr. Mark Shuster in his welcome to the group, “is that we see through the froth and the buzz that's out there in the media on artificial intelligence.” He continued, sharing his goal to discover “how we can take artificial intelligence approaches and methodologies and apply them to the geosciences and subsurface engineering, and conduct better science.”

If you would like to learn more about AI applications at the Bureau, please contact Dr. Dolores van der Kolk.

Poster session at AI conference
Poster session at AI conference









Dr. Chen presents at AI conference

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