2023 First Author and Tinker Family BEG Publication Awards

May 9, 2024
Two presenters and five research award recipients pose for a photo with a large check for $1000 in front of a "Bureau of Economic Geology" patterned step-and-repeat.

Director Emeritus, Scott Tinker (far left) and Deputy Director of Energy, Mark Shuster (far right) present the $1000 prize for 2023 Publication of the Year to Drs. Iulia Olariu, Sahar Bakhshian, Alex Bump, Hailun Ni, and Seyyed Hosseini (from 2nd on the left to right).

Each year, the Bureau hosts a special dinner and awards ceremony to recognize first authors and co-authors of papers written by first author students whose work was published during the previous year. 

2023 First Author Award Highlights:

  • 145 peer-reviewed Bureau papers were published in 2023, an almost 15% increase from the previous year.
  • 75 Bureau authors were published last year, with 46 publications by first authors (listed at the end of this article).
  • 10 first authors were honored this year for the first time.
  • With 16 honors, Bob Loucks is the most recognized Bureau first author, having received the honor every year since the inaugural Awards in 2008.
  • With 9 publications, Yangkang Chen wrote the most first authored papers.
  • With 3 publications, Sergey Fomel coauthored the most student first authored papers.

The event also serves as the stage to announce the winners of the annual Tinker Family BEG Publication Award, presented to Bureau authors who published work that creates exceptional impact in the field or otherwise significantly benefits the Bureau scientific community.

The Bureau Publications Council solicits nominations for the award in early spring, and, by majority vote, makes a recommendation to the Director.

The 2024 Tinker Family BEG Publication Award winners were Alex Bump and coauthors Sahar Bakhshian, Hailun Ni, Susan Hovorka, Ilulia Olariu, Dallas Dunlap, Seyyed Hosseini, and Tip Meckel, for their timely and foundational work toward CO2 storage security in the paper, “Rethinking geologic seals for permanent CO2 sequestration” published in Greenhouse Gas Control.

Special thanks go to Jason Suarez and Stephanie Huntzis for organizing the event.

For more information about the research publications and the Bureau’s prolific authors, please see: https://www.beg.utexas.edu/publications/peer-reviewed-publications/.

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