University of Texas at Austin


Name Title Specialization Phone Email
Ahmadian, Dr. Mohsen Project Manager 512-471-2999
Ambrose, William A. Senior Research Scientist 512-471-0258
Amidon, Vickie Contracts & Grants Specialist 512-471-1928
Andrews, John R. Research Scientist Associate III Geographic Information Systems 512-704-5329
Apps, Dr. Gillian Research Fellow +44 7879 486649
Ashley, Gale Senior Financial Analyst 512-475-9509
Averett, Aaron R. Research Scientist Associate IV Geographic Information Systems 512-475-9551
Bakhshian, Sahar Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-2243
Banerji, Dr. Damayanti Amy Research Scientist Associate III Geologist 512-471-0217
Baques, Dr. Vinyet Postdoctoral Fellow 512-475-9539
Beard, Paula Graphic Designer 512-475-9580
Benham, Beverly Buyer I 512-471-2897
Blount, Mark External and Governmental Affairs 512-471-1509
Boling, David Accounting Technician 512-471-1534
Bongiovanni, Tara Research Scientist Associate III 512-232-6934
Braboy, Jan Buyer II 512-471-4105
Breton, Caroline Research Scientist Associate III Geographic Information Systems 512-471-0322
Bridges, Amelia Administrative Services Officer I 512-471-0116
Brooks, Donnie Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-2403
Brown, Cathy Media Manager 512-475-7981
Caillouet, Theresa Executive Assistant 512-471-7113
Caldwell, Dr. Todd Research Scientist Geomorphologist 512-471-2003
Callahan, Dr. Owen Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1534
Campa, Dennis Administrative Associate 512-475-9219
Campos, Sharon Administrative Manager 512-471-1254
Carr, David L. Research Scientist Associate IV Petroleum Geologist 512-471-1806
Caudle, Tiffany L. Research Scientist Associate IV Coastal Geologist 512-475-9572
Chang, David Systems Administrator II 512-471-1534
Chapman, David Project Manager 512-475-9563
Chen, Poe Senior Information Technology Manager 512-471-4858
Coggin, Jamie H. Senior Graphics Designer 512-475-9530
Costard, Lucie Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-4364
Cottington, Nancy Senior Computer Illustrator 512-471-4335
Covault, Dr. Jacob Research Scientist 512-475-9506
Crutcher, Nancy Administrative Associate 512-475-9508
Darvari, Roxana Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-0732
DeAngelo, Michael V. Research Scientist Associate IV Geophysicist 512-232-3373
DeJarnett, Beverly Research Scientist Associate IV Geologist 713-983-9420
del Carpio Neyra, Dr. Victor Postdoctoral Fellow Quantitative Economic Modeler 512-471-3021
Dommisse Robin Research Scientist Associate IV 512-232-0775
Dooley, Dr. Tim Senior Research Scientist Structural Geologist 512-471-8261
Draker, Roanne Administrative Assistant 512-471-1534
Duffy, Dr. Oliver Research Associate 512-471-0328
Duncan, Dr. Ian Program Director Environmental 512-471-5117
Dunlap, Dallas B. Research Scientist Associate IV Geologist 512-475-6184
Edwards, Kenneth Technical Staff Assistant V 512-471-7135
Eichhubl, Dr. Peter Senior Research Scientist 512-475-8829
Elliott, Dr. Brent Research Associate Economic Geologist 512-471-1812
Elliott, Sara Research Scientist Associate III SEM Imaging 512-471-2596
Enayati, Samira Contracts & Grants 512-471-0305
Faigle, Andrew P. Geological Materials Specialist I MCRC Core Specialist 432-686-9902
Fairhurst, Bill Project Manager 512-471-1891
Fall, Dr. Andras Research Associate 512-471-8334
Feng, Dr. Ye Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-9299
Fernandez, Dr. Naiara Research Associate 512-232-2336
Fifariz, Dr. Reynaldy Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1534
Flaig, Dr. Peter P. Research Associate 512-471-9622
Fomel, Dr. Sergey B. Wallace E. Pratt Professor of Geophysics 512-475-9573
Forstner, Stephanie Research Scientist Associate II 512-475-7265
Fu, Dr. Qilong Research Scientist Geologist 512-232-9372
Gale, Dr. Julia F. W. Senior Research Scientist Structural Geologist 512-232-7957
Gao, Dr. Baiyuan Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-0321
Gao, Rebecca Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-4874
Garcia, Melissa Human Resources Coordinator 512-232-4030
Garza, Carlos Senior Desktop Support Specialist 512-471-6737
Gherabati, Dr. Amin Research Associate 512-471-0318
Gil, Ramon Research Scientist Associate III 512-475-8831
Grace, Margo Research Program Coordinator 512-471-3332
Graves, Katie Administrative Associate 512-471-4971
Gutierrez, Richard Stores Clerk II 713-466-8346
Haddad, Dr. Mahdi Postdoctoral Fellow Reservoir Geomechanicist 512-471-1110
Hamlin, Dr. H. Scott Research Scientist Geologist 512-475-9527
Haynes, Darrell Stores Clerk II 713-466-8346
Hebert, Gwen Senior Grants & Contracts Specialist 512-471-0211
Heidari, Dr. Mahdi Research Associate 512-471-1382
Hennings, Dr. Peter H. Research Scientist 512-471-0156
Hennings, Juli Project Manager 512-471-1534
Hentz, Tucker F. Research Scientist Associate V Siliciclastic Stratigrapher 512-471-7281
Horne, Lily Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-4166
Hosseini, Dr. Seyyed A. Research Scientist 512-471-2360
Hovorka, Dr. Susan D. Senior Research Scientist Stratigrapher 512-471-4863
Huang, Dino Research Associate 512-471-4420
Hudec, Dr. Michael R. Senior Research Scientist Structural Geologist 512-471-1428
Ikonnikova, Dr. Svetlana Research Scientist 512-232 9464
Ivicic, Nathan Warehouse Supervisor 512-475-9561
Jacobo, Anselmo Administrative Associate 512-471-3512
Janson, Dr. Xavier Research Scientist Carbonate Stratigrapher 512-475-9524
Javadpour, Dr. Farzam Research Scientist 512-232-8068
Jones, Stephanie Publications Editor 512-475-9593
Kerans, Dr. Charles Senior Research Scientist 512-471-4282
Kipper, Jay P. Associate Director 512-475-9505
Kirk, Adam Computer Systems Specialist 512-232-1527
Ko, Dr. Tingwei “Lucy” Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-9525
Krieg, Devin Accountant I - Accounts Receivable 512-471-0359
Kyle, Dr. J. Richard Professor 512-471-4351
Lambert, Josh Research Scientist Associate II Digital Outcrop Technician 512-471-6585
Lane, Stephaine Research Program Coordinator 512-232-0774
Larson, Dr. Toti Research Associate 512-471-1856
Laubach, Dr. Stephen E. Senior Research Scientist Structural Geologist 512-471-6303
LaValley, Kim Administrative Manager 512-475-9545
Lemons, Casee Research Scientist Associate III Geologic Data Analyst 512-232-7644
Li, Dr. Peng Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1534
Loucks, Dr. Robert (Bob) G. Senior Research Scientist Carbonates/Clastics 512-471-0366
Lucero, Rudy R. Stores Clerk II 512-471-1534
Lucia, F. Jerry Senior Research Scientist Geological Engineer 512-471-7367
Martone, Patricia Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-1534
Masterson, Amanda R. Administrative Associate Publication Sales Manager 512-471-7144
Mastrangelo, Francine Computer Illustrator 512-471-6162
McCall, Linda Public Information Geologist 512-471-0320
McDaid, Guinevere (Guin) Research Scientist Associate III 512-475-9220
McDonald, Randy E. Warehouse Supervisor HRC Storage Supervisor 713-466-8346
McKim, Lorri Administrative Assistant 512-475-9588
Meckel, Dr. Timothy "Tip" A. Senior Research Scientist Geologist 512-471-4306
Merzlikin, Dr. Dmitrii Research Associate 512-471-1254
Meyer, Kevin Program Manager
Mickler, Dr. Patrick Research Associate 512-232-7125
Miller, Dena Senior Administrative Associate 512-471-2677
Milliken, Dr. Kitty L. Senior Research Scientist 512-471-6082
Moskal, Emily Research Program Coordinator 512-475-9599
Nicot, Dr. Jean-Philippe Senior Research Scientist Geological Engineer 512-471-6246
Nikolinakou, Dr. Maria Research Scientist 512-475-9548
Nuñez-López, Vanessa Research Scientist Associate IV Petroleum Engineer 512-471-5825
Ogiesoba, Dr. Osareni C. Research Scientist Geophysicist 512-471-6250
Olariu, Dr. Mariana Research Associate 512-475-7566
Olson, Dr. Hilary Sponsor Liaison, Gulf Coast Carbon Center 512-653-8356
Ortuño, Daniel H. Administrative Associate GLF Manager 512-471-7139
Ortuño, Jeremy Research Assistant 512-471-0223
Paine, Dr. Jeffrey G. Senior Research Scientist Geophysicist 512-471-1260
Peel, Dr. Frank Senior Research Fellow 512-471-1609
Pelletier, Dr. Isabelle Research Scientist Associate IV 512-471-6775
Peng, Dr. Sheng Research Associate 512-232-7619
Piejko, Kyleen Accountant III 512-471-8165
Pierre, Jon Paul Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-4560
Rateb, Dr. Ashraf Postdoctoral Fellow 512-475-9528
Reed, Dr. Robert M. Research Scientist Associate V Structural Geologist 512-471-0356
Reedy, Robert C. Research Scientist Associate IV Hydrogeologist 512-471-7244
Robinson, Jana S. Computer Illustrator 512-232-5289
Rodgers, Scott Project Manager 512-471-2949
Rogers, Harold Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-7358
Romanak, Dr. Katherine Duncker Research Scientist Geochemist 512-471-6136
Rowling, Jessica Administrative Associate 512-471-0302
Ruppel, Dr. Stephen Senior Research Scientist Carbonate Stratigrapher 512-471-2965
Sabbagh, Reinaldo Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-1296
Savvaidis, Dr. Alexandros Research Scientist 512-475-9549
Saylam, Kutalmis Research Scientist Associate IV 512-471-1871
Scanlon, Dr. Bridget R. Senior Research Scientist Hydrogeologist 512-471-8241
Schleicher, Karl Senior Research Fellow 281-701-9032
Shirley, Matthew Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-1534
Shuster, Dr. Mark Associate Director: Energy Division 512-471-7090
Sivil, James Evan Research Scientist Associate II 512-471-3623
Smith, David Research Associate II Database Analyst 512-232-9518
Smye, Dr. Katie Research Associate 512-471-6775
Smyth, Rebecca C. Project Manager Hydrogeologist 512-471-0232
Stratton, Vicki Administrative Associate 512-471-9262
Su, Joseph Senior Software Developer/Analyst 512-232-6587
Suarez, Jason Graphic Designer 512-475-9519
Sun, Dr. Alexander Senior Research Scientist 512-475-6190
Sun, Dr. Xun Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-4331
Sylvester, Zoltan Research Scientist 512-475-9514
Tinker, Dr. Scott W. Director, Bureau of Economic Geology 512-471-0209
Treviño, Ramón H. Program Manager 512-471-3362
Ukar, Dr. Esti Research Associate 512-471-2764
Victor, Marie Accountant I 512-471-0115
Whittaker, Stefanie Project Manager 512-232-7692
Williamson, Brandon Stores Clerk II 512-475-9561
Wolaver, Dr. Brad D. Research Associate 512-471-1368
Woodruff, Dr. Charles (Chock) Geologist 512-471-1912
Wu, Xinming Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-0331
Yang, Dr. Qian Research Associate 512-471-2420
Yeh, Joseph S. Research Scientist Associate V Information Technology 512-471-3323
Young, Bissett Research Scientist Associate III 512-471-5739
Young, Dr. Michael H. Associate Director, Environmental Division 512-475-8830
Yurchenko, Dr. Inessa Research Associate 512-471-1289
Zahm, Dr. Christopher K. Research Scientist Associate V Structural Geologist 512-471-3159
Zeng, Dr. Hongliu Senior Research Scientist Geophysicist 512-475-6382
Zhang, Dr. Jinyu Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1534
Zhang, Dr. Tongwei Research Scientist Organic Geochemist/Geologist 512-232-1496
Zhong, Dr. Zhi Postdoctoral Fellow 512-471-1650
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