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Executive/Managerial Staff

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Research Staff

Research Associate - Quantitative Analyst Modeler
Purpose: In this position you will conduct economic analyses and resource assessments of oil and gas in unconventional shale basins.
Functions: Conduct economic research on oil and gas resources including drilling and completion activities in unconventional shale plays. Analyze trends and factors controlling oil and gas productivity, assess economics at well and play-wide scale. Forecast future production of oil, gas and water; and drilling activity scenarios based on economics (price, costs), technology assumptions and regulation framework. Interact with multidisciplinary team members and other economists at the Bureau. Publish research findings. Broadly support Bureau of Economic Geology activities.
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Project Manager
Purpose: In this position you will coordinate activities and reporting for the Advanced Resource Recovery in Mexico (ARRM). ARRM is a multi-year, multi-disciplinary research program addressing oil/gas recovery, exploration and water-energy optimization in Mexico.
Functions: Conduct technical research as part of ARRM projects. Coordinate UT's ARRM multidisciplinary program: monitoring project progress, keeping projects within budget, meeting project reporting and publication requirements. Interact with project PIs and account managers in UT Austin and the Mexican Petroleum Institute (Mexico City). Set up and execute project management system. Prepare and present program progress to UT governance committees; identify and recommend opportunities for improvement.
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Postdoctoral Fellowship for Carbonate Paleokarst Position 
The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG), Jackson School of Geosciences at The University of Texas at Austin has an opening for new or recent doctorates (degree within the past 3 years) in geosciences or related fields, with expertise in carbonate geology. The candidate should have proven experience in carbonate diagenesis, ideally in the origin (formation mechanism) and burial evolution of karst in carbonate rocks. Skills in integration of core, outcrop, well-log, and/or seismic data to develop geological models are desirable. Strong training in structure (fracture/fault) geology would be an additional asset. BEG has some of the leading geoscientists in karsted and fractured carbonate reservoirs in the world. We are initiating a two-year multi-disciplinary project focused on the formation of paleokarst and fracture porosity with respect to reservoir development in Ordovician carbonates, northwestern China. We are looking for researchers with good communications skills and the strong desire to publish their work in peer-reviewed international journals. This position is at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus, The University of Texas at Austin. The appointment is for two years with a salary of ~$58,000 per year (depending on qualifications) plus benefits. The successful applicant can begin his/her research in September of 2015, or as soon as possible, but no later than May 16, 2016.

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All interested applicants should submit a complete CV (including education, employment history, awards, publications, and extramural funding record, etc.) and contact information for three references to Dr. Qilong Fu ( and Dr. Esti Ukar (

Technical Staff

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Administrative/Clerical Staff

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Service/Maintenance Staff

Stores Clerk II
Purpose: In this position you will provide support to the Bureau of Economic Geology's (BEG) research staff at the BEG Austin Core Research Center.
Functions: Aid in inventory controls and maintenance of warehouse and core lab equipment. Assist with the ongoing inventory of geologic materials in the CRC repository. Assist in setting up the core sample lab for public or research staff viewings. Assist in setting up the core samples including plug, sample, and slab core. Operate liquid propane and electric forklifts to assist in setting up the core sample lab. Cut and prepare rock samples using masonry saws. Carry and move core samples and warehouse materials up to 80 lbs. Rebox core samples as needed and perform quality control on geological materials collection in the core repository. Assist researchers with field duties, as needed. Core sawing room expertise and responsibility. Prepare reports for incoming and outbound shipments. Unpack, identify, weigh and check incoming core, and store in proper areas. Maintain records of purchase orders, shipping tickets and receiving reports. Prepare outgoing deliveries for shipment. Provide additional furniture and lab equipment move support at CRC and BEG 130. Provide support for specific major core and cuttings inventory project at CRC to aid in building of new BEG online core database Continuum.

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The Bureau of Economic Geology is a research unit of The University of Texas at Austin, and as such adheres to all University hiring practices. The University of Texas at Austin is an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action employer. All positions are security sensitive, and conviction verification is conducted on applicants selected. The University of Texas at Austin remains committed to seeking the best qualified person to fill each available position.