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Scott Tinker

Dr. Scott W. Tinker
State Geologist of Texas and  Director, Bureau of Economic Geology

State Geological Survey and State Geologist
Established in 1909, the Bureau of Economic Geology of The University of Texas at Austin is a research entity of the university and functions as the State Geological Survey. Dr. Scott W. Tinker, Director, is the State Geologist.  As such, its mission includes informing state policy-makers on issues arising from the geology and physical environment of Texas.  Bureau objectives in this role also include producing unbiased, peer-reviewed energy, environmental and energy economics research which benefits the people of Texas and a wide variety of stakeholders around the world, and serving as a major geoscience resource for educators and the public at large.

Linda McCall

Linda Ruiz McCall 
Bureau Information Geologist and Resource Center Manager

Public Information Office
The Public Information Office assists with questions concerning Texas geology and with events for outreach and education including the annual Austin Earth Science Week Career DayLinda Ruiz McCall is the Bureau Information Geologist and Resource Center Manager. Please contact Linda at (512) 471-0320 or with questions concerning Texas geology and Bureau resources.

Bureau Resource Center

The Bureau's Resource Center staff

Resource Center
The Resource Center provides geologic information to the geoscience community, educators, and the public.  The Resource Center is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and includes the Public Information Office, The Bureau Store, Geophysical Log Facility, Map Room, and Texana Collection

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