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RI0277. Wolfberry (Wolfcampian-Leonardian) Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Midland Basin
Tongwei Zhang, Daniel Enriquez, and Xun Sun operate instruments that allow detailed characterization of gas and liquid hydrocarbons and of source-rock pores
The Bureau of Economic Geology is in the midst of an ongoing effort to modernize the extensive laboratories and other facilities of its Building 131, and to construct a new core viewing facility for use by its researchers and graduate students. The effort received a huge boost recently when University of Texas at Austin president Bill Powers approved a University investment of $7.5 million in the project.

“President Powers recognized that the Bureau has been delivering outstanding research and reputational benefit for the University,” said Bureau director Scott W. Tinker, “and that we are doing fundamental work related to energy, the Jiemin Lu and Brent Elliott transfer a water sample taken from a high T/P autoclave reactorenvironment, and the economy that is core to the University mission. He feels that upgrading our laboratory infrastructure is a great investment, and we are very grateful for his confidence in our research capabilities.”

The campaign to raise the additional funding required to complete the project will continue, and many opportunities remain to contribute, including naming opportunities for individual laboratories or for entire research complexes housed within the building. For more information about the laboratory renovation campaign and how you can help, please contact Belle German, Jackson School Director of Development & Alumni Relations.
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