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February 2019
2/1/2019 Coxsackie environmental documentary series HudsonValley360
2/1/2019 Energy, Carbon and Poverty: Seeking the Radical Middle Cspg
2/1/2019 Analysis - Australia's rolling blackouts may provide lessons for Texas grid operator  S&P Global Platts; Platts Coal Trader; Platts Megawatt Daily; Coal Zoom; 
2/4/2019 Fifth Annual UT Energy Week Explores New Innovations & Technologies, Emerging Markets & Trends UT News; Targeted News Service; States News Service; WebNews - English
2/4/2019 Hill Country Town Picks Up Pieces After Sand Plants Head West KUT; KERA-TV; KUHF-FM 
2/5/2019 UT Energy Week Kicks Off In Austin  Patch
2/6/2019 Sharp bends make rivers wander Science Daily; UPI; Breitbart;; NASA Landsat Science; UT Research Showcase; EurekAlert; Bright Surf; Newscaf;; Health Medicine Network; Times of News; Seed Daily; Space Daily;
2/7/2019 Renewables, nuclear, CCS to play role in decarbonized economy: experts  S&P Global Platts; Platts Megawatt Daily; Coal Zoom
2/7/2019 Water In Energy conference gears up for second year Midland Reporter-Telegram; PR Newswire; Plus Company Updates; Global English (Middle East and North Africa Financial Network); Contify Energy News; WebNews - English;  Fat Pitch Financials; Sweetwater Reporter;; Observer News Enterprise; Mammoth Times Online; Benzinga; Daily Press; Ridgway Record; KUAM-TV;  Punxsutawney Spirit; WFMZ-TV; Numbers Marketplace; Daily Herald - Cook County Online; Online; WVIR-TV; Oklahoman Online; Decatur Daily Democrat Online; Pilot-News Online;  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; WLNE-TV; KXTQ-FM; WBCB TV; My Lubbock TV;  KFMB-TV;; Ticker Technologies; Telemundo Lubbock;  Double T 973; Oldies 97.7 FM; Antlers American Online;  Chronicle-Journal Online; Starkville Daily News Online; Community Post; Post & Mail Online; KFMB-FM; Valley City Times-Record Online; Evening Leader Online; KFMB-AM;; The Kane Republican;  Lezard (EN); Malvern Daily Record;  Big Spring Herald Online; KXTQ-FM; Wapakoneta Daily News; Erie News Now; Inyo Register; Saline Courier; Spoke; KTVN-TV;  KXXV-TV;  Morning News;; VB Profiles;  WICZ-TV; KEYC-TV; Morningstar StockInvestor; Markets Insider; KLKN-TV; Renewable Energy World North America; NewsChannel 36; KQCW-TV; KITV-TV; KOTV-TV;  NewsBlaze;  WFMJ-TV; Daily Times Leader; KASA-TV; FOX 34;; KWTV-TV; Buffalo News; WORLD GEN; WBOC-TV; KLCW-TV - CW Lubbock; WZVN-TV; Virtual Press Office; WSIL-TV; RFD-TV; KLBB-FM; Stock Market Summary for Today; Oil gas daily; One News Page; KAKE TV;  Oil & Gas 360; 
2/8/2019 Geologic Modeling of Eagle Ford Facies Continuity Based on Outcrop Images and Depositional Processes Energy Weekly News
2/8/2019 Blackstone bets $500 million on growing full-cycle water management trend Midland Reporter-Telegram
2/13/2019 The geology of Texas: stratigraphy  Texas ScholarWorks
2/14/2019 UT power plant makes a lot of energy but which buildings require the most? The Daily Texan
2/15/2019 Ground Motion Model for Small-to-Moderate Earthquakes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas Science Letter
2/18/2019 Cover - A multi-data view of the Gulf of Mexico offshore basin Petroleum Geoscience
2/22/2019 Understanding the West Texas Earthquake Problem UT News
2/22/2019 Keeping Up with the Older Generation Proves Costly and Futile in the Permian Journal of Petroleum Technology 
2/25/2019 Earthquake monitoring is important to the Permian Basin Midland Reporter-Telegram
2/25/2019 Carbon Sequestration with Dr. Susan Hovorka The American Shoreline Podcast Network
2/25/2019 Researcher details issues that could hamper production growth Midland Reporter-Telegram
2/26/2019 Bigger Players winning Permian profitability game Unconventional Oil & Gas Monitor
2/27/2019 Conventional in Unconventional—Where’s The Love? Dillinginfo Blog
2/27/2019 Chesapeake, Devon, Apache to speak at sand and water conferences PR Newswire; Contify Energy News; WebNews - English; Sweetwater Reporter; Observer News Enterprise;  Mammoth Times Online; Pilot-News Online; Decatur Daily Democrat; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; Ridgway Record; Antlers American Online; Daily Press; Punxsutawney Spirit; Chronicle-Journal Online; Post & Mail Online;  Evening Leader Online; Valley City Times-Record; WFMZ-TV; Markets Insider;; The Kane Republican; Yahoo Finance; Oklahoman Online; Malvern Daily Record; Online; Big Spring Herald; Lezard; Arizona Republic; Wapakoneta Daily News; Saline Courier; Starkville Daily News;  Morningstar StockInvestor;  Community Post;; Inyo Register; Ticker Technologies;; Morning News; Benzinga; KUAM-TV; Double T 973; Telemundo Lubbock; Oldies 97.7 FM; WBCB TV; numbers Marketplace; KXTQ-FM; My Lubbock TV; KFMB-TV; One News Page; WBOC-TV; KFMB-AM; KAKE TV; Spoke;; NewsBlaze; KXXV-TV; WFMJ-TV; KOTV-TV; Erie News Now; WSIL-TV; RFD-TV Online; Daily Herald - Cook County Online;; Fat Pitch Financials; KTVN-TV; KASA-TV; WVIR-TV; FOX 34;  KXTQ-FM; KWTV-TV; Daily Times Leader; Renewable Energy World North America Online; KEYC-TV;  KITV-TV; KLBB-FM; KLCW-TV - CW Lubbock; WICZ-TV;  Oil gas daily;; Buffalo News Online; WBOC2-TV; Oil & Gas 360; Gaining Green; 
January 2019
1/2/2019 New shale gas drilling methods boost production potential Energy Monitor Worldwide
1/4/2019 Energy Mexico 2019 Anuncia LoS Avances De Su Congreso Internacional;; Clase Turista Online
1/8/2019 LGS Luncheon – January 2019
1/14/2019 Energy, Carbon and Poverty: Seeking the Radical Middle – CSPG: February 28, 2019
1/14/2019 Does Lightning Strike Twice? GEO ExPro
1/14/2019 UT: Recoverable gas from future US shale wells on rise OGJ Newsletter
1/15/2019 This metal is powering today's technology-at what price? National Geographic Magazine Online
1/16/2019 Ice Age climate caused sediment sourcing 180 in Gulf of Mexico  EurekAlert; UT Research Showcase; Global Warming Focus; Scienmag; Bright Surf; Health Medicine Network;; Newscaf; Science Daily; Ocean News & Technology
1/17/2019 Texas PUC directs ERCOT to implement price adder, market efficiency reforms  S&P Global Platts; Platts Energy Trader; Platts Megawatt Daily; SNL Power Daily; SNL Financial Daily; SNL Canada Energy Week; SNL Power Policy Week; SNL Generation Markets Week; SNL Electric Transmission Week; SNL Power Daily with Market Report
1/18/2019 Atmospheric services industry may emerge from oil and gas Houston Chronicle; Laredo Morning Times; San Antonio Express-News
1/21/2019 A new Editor for North America - Steve Laubach Journal of Structural Geology
1/22/2010 Private Company Successfully Demonstrates Deep Geologic Disposal of Prototype Nuclear Waste Canister Power
1/23/2019 EIA's New England power grid interactive webpage links supply to demand S&P Global Platts
1/23/2019 The Haynesville: A Natural Gas Bellwether EnerCom Inc.; Newstex Blogs; Oil & Gas 360; JD Supra;
1/23/2019 Texas regulators to mull utilities' role in energy storage SNL Power Policy Week; SNL Generation Markets Week; SNL Canada Energy Week; SNL Renewable Energy Weekly; SNL Power Daily with Market Report; Platts Megawatt Daily; Platts Energy Trader; FERC Power Report
1/24/2019 Houston oil company makes two $1 million gifts to save popular West Texas swimming hole Houston Chronicle
1/26/2019 A Two Way Street Mentoring at Beloit is a beautiful thing to see in action US Official News
1/31/2019 Updated analysis of major shale plays shows increase in recoverable natural gas UT Energy Bulletin
1/31/2019 MEDIA ADVISORY: Energy Politics, Emerging Technologies and New Markets to be Debated During UT Energy Week UT News; States News Service