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Ikonnikova presents webinar “Energy Forecasting: Shale Gas”

August 4, 2017
Svetlana Ikonnikova

Bureau research scientist and energy economist Dr. Svetlana Ikonnikova recently presented the webinar “Energy Forecasting: Shale Gas” with energy analyst John Staub of the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Webcast by the AIChE Academy, the one-hour talk discussed key topicsespecially the roles of technology, geology, and uncertainty in efforts to accurately forecast future shale productionthat are central to Ikonnikova’s ongoing research as part of the Bureau’s comprehensive Shale Production and Reserves Study. Ikonnikova serves as co-PI of the program, among the most extensive integrated studies of shale production and economics in the United States to date, and has authored or co-authored numerous papers resulting from that research. The Bureau program recently concluded a comprehensive study of the Bakken unconventional resource in North Dakota and Montana and reported summaries of its findings at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC 2017) held in Austin on July 25.

The “Energy Forecasting: Shale Gas” webinar can be viewed at the AlChe Academy site, which provides a wide range of educational resources for topics such as energy, chemical and biological engineering, and sustainability and environment.

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