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December 7, 2016

New CEE Research Paper: LNG Supply Outlook 2016 to 2030
Andy Flower, CEE Advisor

Snapshot: Electric Vehicle Diffusion and Raw Materials Supply Chains

Upstream Matters! 2015 Update

March 2016

2015 Update to CEE's Research on National Oil Companies (NOCs)
October 2015

Battery Materials Value Chains
April 2016

Industrial Gas Demand - An Update
June 2015

Retail Electricity Prices on the Rise
March 2016

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Ongoing Fall Think Day seminars (invitation-only) are in planning. Contact us for details.
Fall 2016 CEE's China/India Natural Gas Demand report will be released this Fall. The report will highlight major challenges facing natural gas demand growth in these countries.
December 7 & 8 CEE's 2016 Annual Meeting (invitation-only) will take place at the Houston Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.
May, 2017 CEE has tentative plans to host a roundtable on Asia gas/LNG markets and hubs in Tokyo. Contact CEE for more information

September 30 - CEE hosted a Think Day on LNG pricing & demand in Asia and exports from Russia/CIS. The discussion was led by our colleagues Howard Rogers and Jonathan Stern from the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.

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