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Peer-Reviewed Publications - 2018

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BEG Peer-reviewed Papers In Press

Carr, D. L., Wallace, K. J., Yang, C., and Nicholson, A. J., 2016, CO2 sequestration capacity sectors in Miocene strata of the Offshore Texas State Waters: Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Journal, v. 5, p. 130–140.

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Lei, Z., and Tsai, C., 2017, Market deregulation and nuclear safety: Energy Economics,

Sharman, G, Hubbard, S., Covault, J., Hinsch, R., Linzer, H.-G., and Graham, S. A., 2018, Sediment routing evolution in the North Alpine Foreland Basin, Austria: interplay of transverse and longitudinal sediment dispersal: Basin Research, 22 p.,

Sylvester, Z., and Pirmez, C., 2017, Latitudinal changes in the morphology of submarine channels: reevaluating the evidence for the influence of the Coriolis force, in Fraticelli, C., Markwick, P., Martinius, A. W., Suter, J., eds., Latitudinal controls on stratigraphic models and sedimentary concepts: SEPM Special Publication, v. 108, 11 p.,

BEG Peer-reviewed Papers

Abolt, C., Caldwell, T., Wolaver, B., and Pai, H., 2018, Unmanned aerial vehicle-based monitoring of groundwater inputs to surface waters using an economical thermal infrared camera: Optical Engineering, v. 57, no. 5, p. 053113-1--053113-9,

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Caldwell, T. G., Bongiovanni, T., Cosh, M. H., Halley, C., and Young, M. H., 2018, Field and laboratory evaluation of the CS655 soil water content sensor: Vadose Zone Journal, v. 17, no. 1, 16 p.,

Casini, G., Romaire, I., Casciello, E., Saura, E., Verges, J., Fernandez, N., and Hunt, D. W., 2018, Fracture characterization in sigmoidal folds: insights from the Siah Kuh anticline, Zagros, Iran: AAPG Bulletin, v. 102, no. 3, p. 369-399,

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