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Center for Energy Economics Hosts Annual Meeting/Think Day

December 20, 2017
CEE Annual Meeting

Gürcan Gülen (right) discusses his views with one of the meeting  attendees

As 2017—a year of unsettling events and intractable positions—drew to a close, it was natural for the Bureau’s Center for Energy Economics (CEE) to choose “Risk and Uncertainty” as the underlying theme for its recent Annual Meeting/Think Day, held in Houston. Participants included economists and energy experts from academia, government, and the financial services and energy sectors

In a unique non-attribution meeting format, presenters and panelists analyzed and discussed the complex interplay of uncertainty and risk that might influence energy markets over the coming months, considering questions such as the following: How will low gas prices and the conversion to gas-fired plants impact electricity generation and pricing? Will the move away from renewable energy subsidies, and consideration of land use and broad manufacturing issues, limit the growth of solar and wind energy? How will demand in Japan, India, and China affect the global market for liquefied natural gas?

The CEE conducts a broad range of research into energy markets through the financial support of its many partners. Areas of research—everything from electricity markets to the minerals value chain for battery production—are influenced by its distinguished group of Global Advisors. If you would like to learn more about the important work of the CEE or benefit from its energy-economics research findings, please contact Gürcan Gülen, senior energy economist.

CEE annual meeting/think day

Michelle Michot Foss (left) and Scott W. Tinker (right) address attendees of the CEE annual meeting and Think Day.