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Bureau Director Scott Tinker (left) with Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant
On October 8, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi hosted the state's third annual Governor's Energy Summit in the city of Jackson, which featured an invited presentation by Bureau of Economic Geology Director Scott W. Tinker. The Summit, designed to provide a forum for discussion and a platform for the generation of new ideas about energy, drew over 1,000 energy stakeholders, businesspeople, students, and government representatives. Summit proceedings reported of Tinker's "The Waltz of the Five E's: Energy, Environment, Economy, Efficiency and Education": "His lively presentation broke down the growing energy demands of the world and other trends and explained rational solutions to meeting world demands." Texas Gov. Rick Perry presented the keynote address, and actor John Ratzenberger ("Cheers") also spoke. Following the event, Tinker noted, "The Summit represented a strong push for the development of all forms of energy; the benefits of having access to available, affordable, and reliable energy; and the jobs that are created by the energy industry."
The Energy Summit's panel of speakers

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