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Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL)

The Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) produces innovative new concepts in salt tectonics using three complementary approaches to build a better understanding of salt deformation.


Inessa Yurchenko

Featured Researcher

Inessa Yurchenko

Inessa Yurchenko  discusses her work  in basin and petroleum systems modeling, and her thoughts on future research

Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA

Featured Publication

RI0285-1. Anatomy of a Paleozoic Basin: The Permian Basin, USA, Volume 1

Stephen C. Ruppel, PhD, Editor

Dr. Piotr Krzywiec

Featured Seminar

Dr. Piotr Krzywiec, Associate Professor
Institute of Geological Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences

“Neoproterozoic to Cretaceous Evolution of the SW Edge of the East European Craton - Results of the Regional Seismic Studies in Poland”

STARR Workshop
Annual Report 2017