2014 News

2014 RCRL Annual Field Trip and Meeting

Between October 23 - 28, the RCRL group held its annual research review that consists of a pre-meeting field trip, a core workshop, and a technical review meeting.

On October 23-25, Charles Kerans, Chris Zahm, and Chris Voorhees led a trip to a spectacular outcrop of the Lower Cretaceous strata in Central Texas. The field trip allowed the participants to examine in detail the global vs. local character of OAE1A/B and the late Aptian eustatic fall, as well as the style and depositional elements of a mixed siliciclastic‐carbonate strandplain system. The 2.5 days field trip was followed by a short core workshop to examine, in core, the time-equivalent downdip facies successions and stratigraphic architecture.

Credit: Caroline Lessio Cazarin, Petrobras

On October26, the RCRL held is annual core workshop. The group presented 8 cores that range in age from the Pennsylvanian to the Miocene. October 27 & 28, the RCRL presented its research result from 2014. The 2 days of technical presentations was attended by more than 81 members of twenty-seven sponsoring companies. This year, RCRL graduate students presented their work during a special 2 hour poster session.

Credit: Caroline Lessio Cazarin, Petrobras

2014 RCRL Spring Paleokarst Workshop & Field-trip

The RCRL Spring Seminar (May 5 - 9, 2014) is a workshop on carbonate and evaporite paleokarst and how these systems relate to hydrocarbon reservoirs. Both modern and ancient karst systems will be analyzed through lectures, seismic exercises, core workshops, outcrops, and modern cave excursions. The workshop will consist of 2 days of lectures, core workshop and exercises in Austin and 3 days out in the field examining karst and paleokarst outcrop. Data examined will include cores, well logs, and seismic data from subsurface analog fields and outcrop data such as lidar, GPR, and geocellular models.

Due to transportation and logistics, we kindly request that only one attendee per company register for this Workshop. We will have a wait-list available for companies wishing to send more than one member, if there is available space after registrations ends. Last day of registration will be April 11, 2014.

Please contact Stephaine Lane (stephaine.lane@beg.utexas.edu) if you are interested in attending.