6th Annual Bureau Research Symposium

October 19, 2018
6th Annual Research Symposium

There are few better opportunities to understand the breadth and diversity of the Bureau’s research, or for researchers to interact with one another and learn more about the fascinating work of their colleagues, than at the annual Bureau Research Symposium. Organized for the sixth year by Information Geologist Linda McCall—and implemented by a team that included Jessica Rowling, Kenneth Edwards, Cathy Brown, Roanne Draker, Chuck Garza, Daniel Ortuno, and Dennis Campa—this year’s research-project posters and informative “nano-talks” included the following winners by popular vote:

Best Poster

"CO2–EOR/storage: how black turns to green" presented by Pooneh Hosseininoosheri

Best Nano-Talk

Rapid machine learning-based extraction and measurement of ice wedge polygons in airborne lidar data presented by Chuck Abolt

Please join us in congratulating these accomplished Bureau researchers!

6th Annual Research Symposium