University of Texas at Austin

Scanlon Receives AGU’s Hydrologic Sciences Award

August 3, 2018
Bridget Scanlon

The Bureau of Economic Geology is proud to report that Senior Research Scientist Bridget R. Scanlon has been honored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU) with its Hydrologic Sciences Award, which is granted “for outstanding contributions to the Science of Hydrology over a career, with an emphasis on the past five years. It is the highest disciplinary recognition for senior scientists within the Hydrology section.”

“Dr. Scanlon’s work is unparalleled in the field of hydrology, and the Bureau is tremendously fortunate to be able to count her among our researchers,” said Scott W. Tinker, director of the Bureau. “Her research into water resources and issues, not only here in Texas but throughout the country and the world, is widely respected, and it is broadly utilized by other researchers and by decision-makers alike. We are very excited that the AGU has recognized her many contributions to the science of hydrology with this significant award.”