University of Texas at Austin

2018 Bureau Staff Awards Reception

June 19, 2018
Bureau Staff Award Winners

Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker presents staff awards to Jeffrey Paine (left), Jana Robinson (center) and Tongwei Zhang.

Each spring, the Bureau of Economic Geology community gathers to acknowledge the many individual achievements of its members. The 2018 Staff Awards Reception, hosted earlier this month by Director Scott W. Tinker, was another remarkable opportunity to recognize the exceptional work of Bureau researchers and staff.

At the event, Dr. Tinker first shared a selection of messages from both staff and external partners praising individual performance and outstanding customer service. He also announced the promotions of Bill Ambrose, Tim Dooley, and Tip Meckel to Senior Research Scientist, effective this September. Other highlights included major individual awards presented by other organizations, and the naming of former associate director Eric Potter as the Bureau’s Alumnus of the Year for 2017. University of Texas Staff Service Awards representing extended years of service at the University were presented to many on staff, with the Bureau’s Eddie Collins noted for his 40 years here. Additional researcher, staff, and student achievements over the last year were also recounted and applauded.

The 2018 Staff Awards Reception showcased the wealth of talented people, and the strong motivation to succeed, that are so important to the work of the Bureau of Economic Geology.