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2018 First Author and Tinker Family Publication Awards

April 27, 2018
Award recipients

Accepting the Tinker Family BEG Publication Award from director Scott Tinker on behalf of the late Martin P.A. Jackson are, from left, Becky Jackson, Jo Jackson, Kirsty Jackson, and Britt Garner.

Researchers at the Bureau of Economic Geology create new knowledge to answer scientific questions about energy, resources, and the environment. For Bureau research to have an impact, though, sharing the findings of these studies as broadly as possible in books and peer-reviewed journals is vital. 

Each year, the Bureau of Economic Geology recognizes its authors during the First Author Publication Awards dinner, which was held recently. Bureau researchers again proved their productivity, with 174 publications in 2017—24 more than the previous year. Of these, 76 were written or co-written by 47 Bureau first authors, and another 13 were written by student first authors directly supervised by Bureau researchers. 

This year, Bureau researcher Sergey Fomel was noted for co-authoring 8 papers first-authored by 7 of his Ph.D. students. Researchers Bill Ambrose and Bob Loucks tied for the most years honored for first author publications, now 10 times each.

The winners of this year’s Tinker Family BEG Publication Award were the late Martin P.A. Jackson and co-author Michael R. Hudec. The Tinker Award was bestowed “In recognition of innovative and seminal contributions to the science of salt tectonics for their book Salt Tectonics: Principles and Practice. The book stands out in its breadth, quality of the writing and illustrations, and novel contributions.” Members of Dr. Jackson’s family accepted the award on his behalf.

First Author Publication Awards dinner