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Center for Energy Economics Hosts Two Strategy Meetings

June 15, 2017
Gurcan Gulen

Gürcan Gülen addresses the Electric Power Research Forum (EPRF) 

The Bureau of Economic Geology’s Center for Energy Economics (CEE) had a busy month, convening two groups of market analysts, financial consultants, and former energy regulators to analyze the direction of CEE’s ongoing research into the market forces shaping global energy.

In early May, CEE brought together stakeholders and supporters of its new member-funded research consortium, the Electric Power Research Forum (EPRF), for a “think day” to analyze and discuss how the EPRF will dive into analyses of electricity markets. These complex markets are undergoing transformation as utilities and regulatory authorities weigh the impact of a broad spectrum of issues ranging from decreasing government subsidies, distributed generation, electricity storage, and carbon pricing, to a reliable power-supply mix that includes renewable sources. One potential research thrust discussed was cost-benefit analyses of various power-delivery options. For more information about participating in the comprehensive efforts of the Electric Power Research Forum, contact Gürcan Gülen.

In early June, CEE hosted its 5th Mid-Year Meeting at its offices in Houston. A diverse group of experts presented timely information on some of the challenges and opportunities facing global energy industries. Natural-gas markets and related issues were explored in depth, as were retail electricity markets and a relatively new area for CEE research, the economics of minerals resources required in power-generation operations and equipment. 

An energy-market consultant and long-time supporter of CEE pointed out that each of the firms represented at the Mid-Year Meeting looks at these important energy issues from its own unique angle. He noted that CEE serves a vital role in bringing energy thought leaders together to learn from an overarching perspective based on the Center’s research.

To learn more about the many informative research products of CEE, visit the Center for Energy Economics website.

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