University of Texas at Austin

Inaugural Statoil Fellows Poster Session

May 18, 2017
Statoil Poster Presenters

Bureau grad student Dmitrii Merzlikin (near right) discusses his poster with
attendees at Statoil's Fellows Poster Session.  Photo courtesy of Lorena Moscardelli.

Bureau of Economic Geology graduate students Ningjie Hu and Dmitrii Merzlikin recently participated in the inaugural Statoil Fellows Poster Session hosted by the company at their headquarters in Austin. Statoil Fellows are graduate students whose proposals supporting research areas of importance to the company are selected for funding in a competitive process. Hu and Merzlikin were among 13 Statoil Fellows from UT Austin’s Jackson School of Geosciences and the Cockrell School of Engineering who presented posters at the event, which provided an opportunity for executives and researchers of the company to meet and engage with their sponsored students. 

Hu’s poster was entitled “Depositional controls on reservoir quality of a mixed siliciclastic-carbonate system, Lower Permian (Leonardian) Spraberry Formation, West Texas, USA”; his faculty advisors are Jake Covault and David Mohrig. Merzlikin’s poster was entitled “Diffraction imaging using azimuthal plane-wave destruction”; his faculty advisor is Sergey Fomel.

Bureau director Scott W. Tinker thanked Statoil for its support during his brief remarks at the event. Statoil continues to be an important partner of the Bureau in a number of its key research initiatives.

Given the success of this inaugural Statoil Fellows Poster Session, discussion about holding a similar event next year is already in progress.

Statoil Poster Session

 Photo courtesy of Lorena Moscardelli.