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TCCS holds spring research meeting at Houston Research Center

May 12, 2017
TCCS PI Sergey Fomel

TCCS PI Sergey Fomel

More than 40 people, including representatives from seven sponsor companies, attended the spring meeting of the Texas Consortium for Computational Seismology (TCCS) in Houston on April 10–11. The biannual research review, the thirteenth since the consortium’s inception in 2011, was hosted at the Bureau’s Houston Research Center by TCCS PI Sergey Fomel. In addition to an introductory review of the group’s progress, Fomel also presented “The Art of Scanning and Slicing.” Sixteen research presentations by TCCS staff covered such topics as seismic anisotropy, seismic diffraction imaging, salt picking, well-seismic ties, time-lapse seismic, and full waveform inversion.

To learn more about the Texas Consortium for Computational Seismology, please contact Sergey Fomel.