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The Bureau Celebrates Its Renowned Authors

April 20, 2017
2017 Publications Awards

Scott Tinker (right) presented the Tinker Family BEG Publication Award for publications of scientific and economic impact to winners Robert Baumgardner (left), and Scott Hamlin (center).

The Bureau of Economic Geology recently held its annual First Author Publication Awards Dinner to celebrate the  achievements of its many published authors in 2016 and to recognize these authors’ diligent efforts to disseminate the Bureau’s ground-breaking research results.

Publications are the foremost product of the Bureau, and 2016’s record was truly impressive.  Bureau authors produced 150 publications in 2016 compared to approximately 140 in 2015.  Fifty-five of those publications were written or co-written by thirty-nine Bureau first authors, and another eleven were written by graduate-student first authors directly supervised by Bureau researchers.

The dinner brought together researchers representing the broad spectrum of Bureau research topics and experience. Hosted by Bureau Director Scott W. Tinker, the awards portion of the evening allowed those gathered to acknowledge the impressive body of work encapsulated in so many published works.  Bridget Scanlon, Alex Sun, Farzam Javadpour, and Bob Loucks were the most prolific authors of peer-reviewed publications this year, with Bridget publishing 13 first- or co-authored papers. Kitty Milliken, Esti Ukar, and postdoc Xinming Wu had the most first-authored papers, publishing four first-authored papers each. Sergey Fomel was co-author on five papers first-authored by his Ph.D. students.

Winners of this year’s Tinker Family BEG Publication Award for publications of scientific and economic impact were Robert Baumgardner, Scott Hamlin, and Harry Rowe, for their Lithofacies of the Wolfcamp and Lower Leonard Intervals, Southern Midland Basin, Texas (Bureau Report of Investigations No. 281).  Runners-up were Kitty Milliken and co-authors for Quartz Types, Authigenic and Detrital, in the Upper Cretaceous Eagle Ford Formation, South Texas and Organic Matter-hosted Pore System, Marcellus Formation (Devonian), Pennsylvania.

Said the dinner’s host, Scott Tinker, “We’ve come a long way in peer-reviewed publishing, both in quantity, quality, and breadth.  Keep up the great work!”

2017 Publications Awards

Left: Runner-up Kitty Milliken with Scott Tinker. Center and right: Bureau authors catch up on research, publishing, and other matters before the awards dinner.