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Bureau Team Unveils New Texas GeoSign

April 13, 2017
Texas GeoSigns

From the front page: Linda McCall and the Goat Cave Karst Preserve GeoSign

On April 9, Bureau Information Geologist Linda Ruiz McCall spoke to attendees at the unveiling of new interpretive signs at the Goat Cave Karst Preserve in South Austin. The five interpretive signs installed at the site encourage good stewardship of the land and explain the karst terrain, the endangered species, and the interaction between surface water and groundwater in the recharge zone of the Edwards aquifer system. After the presentations, park personnel opened the cave for viewing. Project partners include the City of Austin, the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, the Save Barton Creek Association, the Austin Parks Foundation, and many citizen volunteers. 

The Goat Cave Karst Preserve signs are part of the broader Texas GeoSign Project to engage the public in geologic information. McCall leads the project, which includes Bureau team members Chock Woodruff, Cari Breton, Jamie Coggin, Cathy Brown, Amanda Masterson, and Jay Kipper. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, please contact Linda at

Goat Cave Karst Preserve

The Goat Cave Karst Preserve GeoSign is an example of the intepretive signs that inform about the geology and environmental aspects at selected sites around Texas.