University of Texas at Austin

MSRL Convenes 2018 Annual Meeting

April 4, 2018

The Mudrock Systems Research Laboratory (MSRL) hosted more than 60 industry geologists representing 15 companies at its recent annual members meeting. Over 4 days, members were treated to 25 oral and 15 poster presentations on the latest research findings in mudrocks, a core workshop, and a short course on mudrock systems.

Bureau MSRL presenters included Ahmed Alnahwi, Robin Dommisse, Ian Duncan, Farzam Javadpour, Lucy Ko, Toti Larson, Bob Loucks, Justin Mauck, Sheng Peng, Rob Reed, Steve Ruppel, Peter Schemper, Evan Sivil, Xun Sun, and Tongwei Zhang. Guest presenters Paul Hackley, Jonathan Knapp, Tobi Kosanke, and Andy Pepper described how advances in organic petrology, XRF core scanning, hyperspectral core imaging, and hydrocarbon saturation analysis are improving our understanding of mudrock attributes.

The success of the meeting was made possible by the tireless behind-the-scenes work of Sammy Jacobo and Cathy Brown and her Bureau Media team.

MSRL Annual Meeting highlights