University of Texas at Austin

Director Scott W. Tinker delivers State of the Bureau address

February 16, 2018

At the beginning of each year, Bureau of Economic Geology director Scott W. Tinker delivers the State of the Bureau address; the 2018 talk was optimistic about the future and appreciative of the many accomplishments of the past year.

Budget concerns have overshadowed much of the Bureau’s work over the last few years, but Dr. Tinker reported that the recent downturn had been anticipated, and that the budget situation has been managed well through the lean times. He senses an impending upswing in industry support and is confident about the economic future of the Bureau.

Dr. Tinker also expressed gratitude for the continued generation of new important research by the Bureau’s diverse teams of researchers and graduate students. The number of research articles published in peer-reviewed and other journals rose once again in 2017, and the reputation of the Bureau as the go-to place for solid energy, environmental, and energy-economics research continues to grow.

Dr. Tinker recognized that stoking the research engine of the Bureau are the teams of vital support staff. He individually thanked the Contracts, Media, Administrative, Facilities, Human Resources, IT & Website, and Outreach and External Affairs teams, along with all of the other staff who work to make the organization function smoothly each day.

The address also outlined the unique diversity of the Bureau: researchers, staff, and students from 25 nations work together to make the Bureau one of the acknowledged top workplaces in Austin. Dr. Tinker also recognized the past year’s new hires and retirees, and pointed out that the organization is nurturing younger leaders to step up and take over key leadership roles. Individual 2017 awards and achievements were also noted and applauded.

As reported by Director Tinker, the State of the Bureau is very good and continues to get better.

State of the Bureau address