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BEG Director Scott Tinker (left) with  Ben van den Brule, Shell Vice President for Unconventional TechnologyOne of the most extensive partnerships enjoyed by the Bureau of Economic Geology is with Shell Oil Company, and key executives and scientists from the company recently paid a high-level visit. Heading up the Shell team of five company research leaders was Ben van den Brule, Vice President for Unconventional Technology. They were hosted on tours of Shell-UT Unconventional Research (SUTUR) labs at the Bureau by Peter Flemings, Harry Rowe, and Peter Polito. The visitors from Shell were also afforded the opportunity to interact extensively with a wide range of Bureau researchers and students, discussing varied projects of interest during an extensive poster session. Shell is a member of the Advanced Energy Consortium and of four Bureau industrial research consortia. Shell Oil Company values The University of Texas at Austin as one of a handful of strategic universities worldwide, and as a key partner in addressing the grand challenges it perceives for its future.
Seay Nance (right) discusses research results with Shell Manager of Unconventional Gas and Tight Oil Claudia Hackbarth and BEG Associate Director of Energy Eric Potter
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