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RI0277. Wolfberry (Wolfcampian-Leonardian) Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Midland Basin
Dr. Jake CovaultThe Bureau is delighted to welcome Dr. Jake Covault, who joined the BEG on August 10 as Research Scientist and Principal Investigator of the Quantitative Clastics Laboratory (QCL). Dr. Covault, a distinguished researcher in deepwater clastic depositional systems, received his PhD from Stanford University in 2008 and previously worked as a researcher at Chevron Energy Technology Company and at the United States Geological Survey. Dr. Covault is working with the QCL team to maintain a research program that addresses key challenges in the exploration and development of natural resources, namely the evaluation of reservoir presence and quality in data-limited, frontier basins, and the characterization of connectivity and heterogeneity of reservoirs. QCL researchers will continue to use subsurface, outcrop, geomorphology, and marine geology datasets to evaluate predictive, source-to-sink relationships between hinterland, fluvial, shoreline, shelf, slope, and deep-basin environments. Researchers will also develop concepts for the prediction of stratigraphic architecture and controls on the evolution of fluvial, shallow-marine, and deepwater depositional systems, and they aim to demonstrate the impact of facies modeling on reservoir performance of these systems.

 Quantitative Clastics Laboratory (QCL)
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