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There's an old Texas saying about some out-of-the-way spots that goes, "You just have to be going there to get there." The Bureau of Economic Geology's Devine Test Site is definitely one of those places. Located not too far from Devine, Texas, southwest of San Antonio, the Devine Test Site is a tremendously valuable resource for researchers and companies interested in experiments investigating real-world downhole characteristics. Although the casual observer might dismiss this 100 acre tract, overgrown with mesquite trees and grazed by longhorn cattle, as simple ranchland, closer examination finds nine well heads and strong evidence of recent research activity. These wells range from 1,500 to 3,000 feet deep, and pass through formations generally characteristic of coastal Texas geology. For several years, Bob Hardage, principal investigator of the Bureau's Exploration Geophysical Laboratory (EGL), has overseen activity at the Site and conducted the EGL's multicomponent seismic research within and between its wells. Hardage also cultivates companies to test their new seismic tools and other devices in a unique environment, and at minimal cost: A $5,000 fee will allow industry the use of the Devine Test Site wells and other facilities to conduct research and development for up to three months, and to keep the data gathered proprietary for up to two years. Other Bureau researchers frequently use the Site. Recently, Changbing Yang of the Gulf Coast Carbon Center measured the extent of the groundwater table at the Test Site in preparation to use it for the testing and development of a new CO2 sensor. For more information or to reserve the Devine Test Site, please contact Sara Clough.

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