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RI0277. Wolfberry (Wolfcampian-Leonardian) Deep-Water Depositional Systems in the Midland Basin
Tongwei Zhang speaks to a packed house on the PRC campus during the MSRL 2015 annual meeting
The Mudrock Systems Research Laboratory (MSRL) held its Annual Meeting April 13–17. With more than 160 participants, the weeklong event was the consortium’s best-attended meeting ever. During the first 2 days, attendees participated in the short courses “Aviso Fire Software for Petrophysical Visualization,” presented by Dan Gostovic of FEI Company, and “Introduction to Mudrock Systems: Origin, Distribution, and Reservoir Characterization,” presented by the BEG’s Greg Frebourg, Steve Ruppel, and Bob Loucks. The next 2 days included 31 technical talks and 21 poster sessions covering integrated studies of mudrock systems, as well as presentations on stratigraphy, sedimentology, chemostratigraphy, paleo-oceanography, pore characterization and evolution in mudrocks, and petrophysics and flow modeling. Speakers included the Bureau’s Harry Rowe, Rob Reed, Kitty Milliken, Tongwei Zhang, Sheng Peng, Farzam Javadpour, Jiemin Lu, Seay Nance, and Robert Baumgardner. The meeting concluded with a core workshop examining samples from the Bakken, Barnett, Cline, Cherokee, Wolfcamp, Glen Rose, and Eagle Ford plays.
Stephen Ruppell (left) addresses attendees at the meeting's core workshop.
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