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The Texas Consortium for Computational Seismology (TCCS) and its principal investigator, Sergey Fomel, made a strong impact on the recent Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Annual Meeting in Denver. Fomel and his students and TCCS collaborators gave 25 presentations on topics ranging from seismic acquisition to seismic interpretation. Fomel also made an invited presentation in the special session "Recent Advances and the Road Ahead." He spoke about seismic imaging in the time domain (the method of prestack time migration), which is widely used in seismic exploration but often neglected by research scientists. Fomel noted that recent research reveals surprising properties of time migration, which can be explored further to make breakthrough improvements. In his popular blog, Evan Bianco of Agile Geoscience subsequently wrote, “It was joy to listen to Sergey describe these observations through what he called beautiful equations: ‘the beautiful part about this equation is that it has no parameters,’ or ‘the beauty of this equation is that it does not contain velocity,’ and so on. Mad respect.” Fomel’s TCCS consortium also recently conducted its second biannual research meeting in Austin November 3–4. More than 50 members viewed 19 research presentations by TCCS staff and invited speakers, including professors Lexing Ying (Stanford University) and Jiubing Cheng (Tongji University).

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