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Texas Through Time

The Bureau of Economic Geology is excited to announce the publication of Texas Through Time, a remarkably in-depth and accessible new book that brings the geology of Texas to life.

Texas Through Time is now available in hardback and paperback through The Bureau Store. To obtain your copy, click here.

Dr. Brent Elliott

Featured Researcher

Dr. Brent Elliott

Dr. Brent Elliott discusses his work in mineral resources and economic geology as part of the Economic Mineral Resources Program at the Bureau, as well as his work on state and federally funded mapping initiatives.

Texas Through Time

Featured Publication

Texas Through Time

T. E. Ewing, with contributions by Heather Christensen. 

Bridget Scanlon

Featured Seminar

Dr. Bridget R. Scanlon
Senior Research Scientist, Sustainable Water Resources
Bureau of Economic Geology

"Disagreements in Land Water Storage Trends between GRACE Satellites and Global Models"