Fault Maps

Regional Mapping Efforts

Since 2017, researchers within the TexNet Seismic Monitoring and Center for Injection and Seismicity research group have made a concerted effort to better understand the causative hazards associated with induced seismicity across the state of Texas. These studies include the Fort Worth Basin (e.g., Hennings and others, 2019; Horne and others, 2020; 2022), Permian Basin (Horne and others, 2021; 2022; 2024), and the Eagle Ford trend (McKeighan and others, 2022). For each data region, researchers have compiled large, multidisciplinary datasets to map and characterize faults within each of these significant seismic regions.

TexNet-CISR fault mapping

R1: TexNet-CISR principal fault mapping regions.


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