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The Permian Basin of west Texas and southeast New Mexico remains a significant oil-producing province and contains an estimated 30 Bbbl of remaining mobile oil. Increased use of enhanced-recovery practices in the Permian Basin can have a substantial impact on U.S. oil production. Several Bureau projects are focused on reservoir characterization and play analysis of the Permian Basin.

Current Studies

Permian Basin Geological Synthesis Project [Link]

Integrated Synthesis of the Permian Basin: Data and Models for Recovering Existing and Undiscovered Oil Resources from the Largest Oil-Bearing Basin in the U.S. [Description]

Completed Studies

Mapping of Permian Basin Attributes [Description]

Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin: Application and Transfer of Advanced Geological and Engineering Technologies for Incremental Production Opportunities [Description]

Application of Advanced Reservoir Characterization, Simulation, and Production Optimization Strategies to Maximize Recovery in Slope and Basin Clastic Reservoirs, West Texas (Delaware Basin) [Description]

Multidisciplinary Imaging Rock Properties in Carbonate Reservoirs for Flow Unit Targeting [Description]

Integrated Geological and Engineering Characterization of
Fullerton Clear Fork Field in Andrews County, Texas [Description]

Integrated Outcrop and Subsurface Studies of the Interwell Environment of Carbonate Reservoirs: Clear Fork (Leonardian Age) Reservoirs, West Texas and New Mexico [Description]