Completed Study
Presentations Publications  Final Report (PDF)
Integrated Geological and Engineering Characterization of
Fullerton Clear Fork Field in Andrews County, Texas
Stephen C. Ruppel, principal investigator; Fred P. Wang, Jeffery A. Kane, Hongliu Zeng, F. Jerry Lucia, James W. Jennings, Jr., Rebecca H. Jones, Charles Kerans, Mark H. Holtz, Dallas B. Dunlap, and Joseph S. Yeh


Reservoir Petrophysics

Sequence Stratigraphy and Facies

Rock Fabrics and Petrophysical Classification

3-D Reservoir Modeling and Simulation

Structural Controls on Reservoir Development

Seismic Attribute Analysis and Inversion



This research is part of an ongoing, multidisciplinary study of the Leonardian reservoir section at Fullerton Clear Fork field by the Bureau of Economic Geology. Funding for this research has been provided by ExxonMobil Corporation, the U.S. Department of Energy, and The University of Texas System. Additional support was provided by Oxy Corporation. We thank Terry Anthony and David Smith of ExxonMobil for their cooperation on many aspects of the study.

For more information, please contact Steve Ruppel, principal investigator. Telephone 512-471-2965; e-mail
January 2004