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The Bureau conducts resource assessment studies on oil, natural gas, and coal. The scale of analysis varies from international, national, regional, state, local, to a field/reservoir level. Diverse methodologies are utilized including play, volumetric, material balance, decline, Delphi, reserve growth, probability, and field size analysis. State of the art tools are utilized such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as well as the most current production, risk, and economic analysis software packages.

Current Studies

Regional Assessment Of Gas Resources In The Yates Formation

Research on Fractures and Reservoir Quality in Tight Gas Sandstones and Deeply Buried Clastic Rocks [Link]

Completed Studies

Play Analysis and Digital Portfolio of Major Oil Reservoirs in the Permian Basin: Application and Transfer of Advanced Geological and Engineering Technologies for Incremental Production Opportunities [Description]

Pennsylvanian Bituminous Coal, North-Central Texas: Potential for Coalbed Methane Resource Development [Description]

Targeting Reserve Growth Opportunities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: Transferring Secondary Gas Recovery Technology to the Offshore Environment [Description]

Evaluation of Tertiary Plays of Eastern Mexico Basins [Description]

Deep Basin Coal (Lignite) in Wilcox Group, Sabine Uplift, East Texas: Potential for Unconventional Coal Gas Resource Development [Description]