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Structural Segmentation, Inversion, and Salt Tectonics on a Passive Margin: Tectonic Evolution of the Inner Kwanza Basin, Angola [Description]
Superposed Deformation Straddling the Continental-Oceanic Transition in Deepwater Angola [Description]
Neoproterozoic Allochthonous Salt Tectonics During the Lufilian Orogeny in the Katangan Copperbelt, Central Africa [Description]
Salt Tectonics in Eastern Mediterranean Sea [Description]
Current Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) study: Contractional Salt Tectonics in Lower Congo Basin, Deepwater Gabon
Atlantic Margins
Role of Subaerial Volcanic Rocks and Mantle Plumes in Creation of South Atlantic Margins: Implications for Salt Tectonics and Source Rocks [Description]
Deep-Marine Depositional Margins (DM2) Offshore Trinidad Studies [Description]
Current Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) study: Strike-Slip Salt Tectonics, Aquitaine Basin, France
Current Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) study: Salt Tectonics Affected by Basement Faults in Rhone Fan, Mediterranean Sea
Application of Laser-scanned Outcrop Data to Build Models of Deepwater Reservoirs (Spain) [Description]
Latin America
Past Environmental Research in Latin America
Evaluation and Validation of EO-1 and Landsat 7 Imagery through an Analysis of Land Cover/Land Use and Rates of Deforestation in Belize, Central America [Description]
Geological Framework and Exploration Plays of the Miocene of the Burgos Basin, Northern Mexico [Description]
Linking the Mexico and U.S. Gulf Coast: Geologic Framework and Play Definition Research in the Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Area [Description]
Evaluation of Tertiary Plays of Eastern Mexico Basins [Description]
Integrated Reservoir Characterization of the Poza Rica Field within a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Phase 1—Data, Sequence Framework, and Petrophysics [Description]
MIddle East
LIDAR Survey of Middle Jurassic Outcrops of the Tuwaiq Mountain Limestone [Description]
The Shuaiba Formation of North Oman: Core-based High-Frequency Sequence Model [Description]