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The goals of the Permian Basin Geological Synthesis Project (PBGSP) are to (1) to produce a detailed, comprehensive history of Paleozoic depositional and reservoir systems in the Permian Basin, the largest producing basin in the United States, and (2) to create spatially integrated databases of depositional, stratigraphic, lithologic, and petrophysical properties for each stratigraphic horizon. This integrated synthesis of data, concepts, and models will form a fundamental basis for providing Permian Basin operators with (a) outcrop and subsurface reservoir-specific models to be applied to engineering- and completion-based redevelopment of existing reservoirs, and (b) a detailed regional stratigraphic framework for applying such models to new exploration targets. These data will decrease the risk and increase the efficiency of exploiting the remaining hydrocarbons in the Permian Basin and define new opportunities for drilling and form the basis for new engineering approaches and completion practices.

The project involves participation and sponsorship of oil companies active in the Permian Basin. This liaison assures that project goals will be those of greatest value to industry. Project sponsors receive priority access to data and deliverables and help set priorities and determine the scope of activities.


For more information contact Stephen C. Ruppel, Project Director, at 512-471-2965;