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Much of BEG's current work in Clastics Research centers on subsurface analysis of moderate to large-scale systems of the Tertiary Gulf Coast. Our integrated, multidisciplinary research teams combine relevant aspects of conventional-core, well log, and seismic data. All studies begin with and then capitalize on time-stratigraphic and tectonic-stratigraphic integrations, in which the latest techniques in well log and seismic sequence stratigraphy are applied, and seismic facies and 3-D visualization applications.

Current Studies

Stratigraphic Architecture and Sandstone Reservoir Quality in Deep-Shelf Gas Plays of Texas State Waters [Description]

Linking the Mexico and U.S. Gulf Coast: Geologic Framework and Play Definition Research in the Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Area [Description]

Quantitative Study of Deep Marine Architecture and Continental Margin Processes in Mega-3-D Seismic Data Volumes [DM2 Industrial Associate]

Definition of the Geological Framework and Exploration Plays of the Miocene of the Burgos Basin, Northern Mexico [Description]

Research on Fractures and Reservoir Quality in Tight Gas Sandstones and Deeply Buried Clastic Rocks [Link]

Completed Studies

Targeting Reserve Growth Opportunities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: Transferring Secondary Gas Recovery Technology to the Offshore Environment [Description]

Evaluation of Tertiary Plays of Eastern Mexico Basins [Description]

Application of Advanced Reservoir Characterization, Simulation, and Production Optimization Strategies to Maximize Recovery in Slope and Basin Clastic Reservoirs, West Texas (Delaware Basin) [Description]