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The Bureau conducts pure and applied research across the spectrum of deformation processes that affect sedimentary basins during their infilling and exhumation. Research involving structural modeling integrated with seismic analysis and mapping is carried out by two industry-funded consortia, the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory and the Deep-Marine Depositional Margins Alliance, and by research groups carrying out basin analysis. Research topics include salt tectonics and shale tectonics on passive, active, and strike-slip continental margins, especially in West Africa, Trinidad, and the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, another industry-supported group, the Fracture Research and Application Consortium, uses geomechanical and structural-diagenetic models to predict fracture architecture from limited subsurface samples.
Current Studies
Current Applied Geodynamics Laboratory (AGL) studies:
Salt Canopy Emplacement and Deformation in Northern Gulf of Mexico
Contractional Salt Tectonics in Lower Congo Basin, Deepwater Gabon
Modeling of Minibasin Growth, Inflating Diapir Overhangs, Diapir Pinch-Off
Strike-Slip Salt Tectonics, Aquitaine Basin, France
Salt Tectonics Affected by Basement Faults in Rhone Fan, Mediterranean Sea
Digital Atlas of Salt Tectonics [Details]
Linking the Mexico and U.S. Gulf Coast: Geologic Framework and Play Definition Research in the Laguna Madre-Tuxpan Area [Description]
Geological Framework and Exploration Plays of the Miocene of the Burgos Basin, Northern Mexico [Description]
Fracture Research and Application Consortium [Link]
Deep-Marine Depositional Margins Industrial Alliance [Link]
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