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Reaching the World on the Radio

Expanding its mission to reach as many people as possible with accurate and educational geoscience information, the Bureau of Economic Geology launched a new radio program in 2017, EarthDate, which provides a fun and informative way for listeners to discover the natural wonders of Earth, both past and present. Debuting in April, EarthDate now airs on over 250 radio stations nationally, as well as on stations in Canada, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

Hosted by Scott W. Tinker, State Geologist of Texas and director of the Bureau, EarthDate offers listeners of all ages and backgrounds fresh perspectives on the geology, environment, and major geologic events of our fascinating planet. Recent episodes have examined phenomena like the 2017 solar eclipse and the effects of magnetic storms; historical happenings like “The Year Without a Summer” and the five Great Extinctions; Earth’s creatures like our 3-million-year-old ancestor, Lucy, and a 65-million-year-old baby sauropod; and modern marvels like the minerals in smartphones and exactly how GPS helps us navigate.

To listen to episodes or download fact sheets (especially helpful for classroom instruction), visit To see if your city carries EarthDate, visit

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