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GCCC is pursuing various aspects of offshore carbon sequestration, including a global needs assessment and identifying synergies between an international community of parties interested in offshore storage. 

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Fourth International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop February 11–12, 2020

Find all resources from the workshop, including presentation downloads, here:



Third International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop May 3-4, 2018


Session 1 - Value Chains for Offshore: Chair – Lars Ingolf Eide

Emerging hydrogen value chains for Norway – Steinar Eikaas, Statoil
Emerging hydrogen value chains for Japan – KHI/Ryozo Tanaka, RITE
USA 45 Q and how it should accelerate potential CCUS projects – Brian Hill, SSEB

Welcome and Scene-setting: How to ‘Learn from our learnings’ – Tim Dixon, IEAGHG, and Katherine Romanak, BEG

Session 2 - Infrastructure: Chair – Paulo Negrais Seabra

New subsea systems for CO2 storage/EOR– making it cheaper and more efficient - Pål Nøkleby, Aker Solutions
Technical considerations in re-use of pipelines platforms – Steve Murphy, ACORN / Pale Blue Dot
New technology for handling legacy well integrity issues – Malin Torsæter, SINTEF

Session 3 - Monitoring Offshore CO2 Storage/EOR: Chair – Katherine Romanak

Handling microseismic background – Volker Oye, NORSAR, Norway
STEMM-CCS project updates on seafloor/environmental monitoring – Maribel I. García-Ibáñez, University of Bergen
UK AUV update on seafloor/environmental monitoring – Graham Brown, Sonardyne
Update on leakage detection – Keisuke Uchimoto, RITE
Update on shallow seismic (p-cable) at Tomakomai – Tip Meckel, BEG
Geophysical monitoring offshore – Philip Ringrose, Statoil

Session 4 - Offshore CO2 Storage Resource Assessment: Chair – Mike Carpenter

Storage resource assessment for offshore CO2-EOR in Norway – Eva Halland, Norway Petroleum Directorate
Update on US projects – Darin Damiani, US DOE
Approaches to evaluations, example from Gulf of Mexico – Tip Meckel, BEG
Updates on databases for CO2 Storage – informal discussion
South Africa depleted fields and platform re-use – Noel Kamrajh, SANEDI on behalf of PetroSA

Session 5 - Project Updates: Chair – Phillip Ringrose

Update on Norwegian project under development – Mike Carpenter, Gassnova
Pre-salt development and CO2 management – Paulo Negrais Seabra, formerly of Petrobras
Tomakomai – Jiro Tanaka, Japan CCS

Session 6 - Standards and Regulatory Frameworks: Chair – Tim Dixon

Tomakomai lessons learned in offshore CO2 storage regulations – Ryozo Tanaka, Rite
ISO storage standard (ISO 27914), and certification framework – Jorg Aarnes, DNV

Discussion on London Protocol application to Norway and EOR – Ingvild Ombudstvedt, GCCSI and Tim Dixon, IEAGHG, Chaired by Ryozo Tanaka, RITE

Session 7 - Interactive Session - Brainstorming towards an international collaborative project: facilitated by Katherine Romanak, Tim Dixon

Comments on public funding and new funding mechanisms – Hans Olav Ibrekk, Norwegian MFA, and Egil Meisingset, Norwegian MPE
Workshop Conclusions and Recommendations – Lars Ingolf Eide, Tim Dixon, Katherine Romanak, Tip Meckel

Second International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop June 18-20, 2017

group photo 2017

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GCCC was delighted to host the Second International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop June 18–20, 2017 at the Center of Innovation, Commercialization, and Entrepreneurship at Lamar University.

Workshop Agenda

Welcome—Susan Hovorka

Towards an International Collaboration on Offshore Storage—Katherine Romanak, Susan Hovorka, Tip Meckel, Tim Dixon

Session 1. How to find storage offshore—mapping and screening for good sites: Chair, Susan Hovorka

Session 2. Technical Deep-dive Monitoring—How much is needed, how much do regulators need, limits of Monitoring: Chair, Tim Dixon

Session 3. Technical Deep-dive Environmental and overburden monitoring: Chair, Katherine Romanak

Session 4. Changing the Game for CO2—EOR Offshore: Chair, Paulo Negrais Seabra

Session 5. Infrastructure developments: Chair, Tip Meckel

Session 6. Panel discussion on US developments in offshore storage assessment: Chair, Lars Ingolf Eide




First International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop April 19-21, 2016

group photo 2016

GCCC was delighted to host the first International Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop April 19–21, 2016. Please see below for agenda and technical presentations.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Report

Session 1—Welcome and Goals

Session 2—Current State of Knowledge

Session 3—Country Status

Session 4—Guided Activity

Session 5—Recommendations and Next Steps

Session 6—Posters

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