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Energy Studies in Brazil

Brazilian geologists and geophysicists from the national oil company Petrobras, together with Bureau researchers, worked together during 1972–1982 to conduct proprietary reservoir characterization studies of Brazilian offshore basins. These basins included Sergipe-Alagoas, Espirito-Santo, Potiguar, and Foz do Amazonas. The geoscientists worked to interpret, describe, and document the stratigraphic, local, and regional depositional facies relationships of these basins using seismic, core, well, and paleontologic data.

Basin studies were conducted again in 1977–1980. Although the research results are proprietary, Bureau scientists published an article on Brazilian seismic stratigraphy in AAPG Memoir 26 (1977). In 1982–1983, L. Frank Brown, Jr., and William L. Fisher worked once again with teams of Brazilian scientists to integrate previous offshore basins studies.


View over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Brazil's sedimentary basins, political divisions, and Petrobras concessions. Taken from Petrobras Annual Report, 1998.