Great Places in Texas

An exciting new project is on the horizon!

The Bureau of Economic Geology is developing a book and companion Internet materials to help the general public to learn about and appreciate the geology, resources and physical environment of Texas. This sort of book will be a valuable resource for the people of Texas.

The book will be about 150 pages long, profusely illustrated in full color. It will tell the story of Texas' earth history from earliest times to the present. The links between the geologic underpinnings and the landscapes, soils and historical development of the state will be outlined. Special chapters will focus on resources (oil and gas, water and minerals) and on geologic hazards and concerns. Along with the narrative, side boxes will try to let the reader know how geologists figure these things out, tell a few good stories, and show places where people can see for themselves.

This website will continue to develop as a companion to the book, with links to pages describing Great Places to experience Texas geology, key maps and sections, and other statewide information.

The book will be available for purchase in Summer 2015 through the BEG bookstore.

Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns you have to Heather Christensen at or 512-471-4420.