Research Challenges
Permian Basin production

TORA (above) and vendor (below) Permian Basin production by formation and well direction.

TORA narrows the range of recoverable resource estimates, building integrated, market-independent basin outlooks. TORA researchers employ a newly developed workflow utilizing 3D geocellular models. That workflow will predict ultimate hydrocarbon recoveries, economic viability, and playwide production rates. TORA studies tight oil and gas formations in order to produce unbiased, comprehensive, and publicly available results. The program brings together an integrated, multidisciplinary team who will create production outlooks and investigate the following topics:

  • Optimal well spacing and fracture design
  • Impacts of formation characteristics on fracture extent and effectiveness
  • Optimization of recovery in thick stratigraphic sections
  • Detailed facies description and analysis
  • Assessment of alternatives in areas having low recovery efficiency
Original oil in place: Midland Basin

Original oil-in-place estimates across the Midland Basin.

Well trajectories: Midland Basin

Midland Basin well trajectories color coded by landing formation (e.g., WCB = blue)

Midland Basin EUR distribution for each landing zone

Midland Basin EUR distribution for each landing zone

Resource Assesment

University of Texas at Austin

University of Texas

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