RISC Personnel

RISC members, technical leads, and their contact information include:

Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG), University of Texas at Austin

Lead Principal Investigator – Michael Young, michael.young@beg.utexas.edu

Technical Lead – Peter Hennings, peter.hennings@beg.utexas.edu

Sr. Administrative Associate, Dena Miller, dena.miller@beg.utexas.edu


Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS), University of Oklahoma

Principal Investigators – Jake Walter, jwalter@ou.edu; Kyle Murraykyle.murray@ou.edu

Additional Technical Personnel – Paul Ogwari, pogwari@ou.edu


Kansas Geological Survey (KGS), University of Kansas

Lead Principal Investigator – Rolfe Mandelmandel@ku.edu

Technical Lead – Rex Buchananrex@ksg.ku.edu


New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR), New Mexico Tech

Lead Principal Investigator – Mike Timmons, mike.timmons@nmt.edu

Technical Lead – Mairi Litherland, mairi.litherland@nmt.edu


Arkansas Geological Survey (AGS)

Lead Principal Investigator – Scott Ausbrooks, scott.ausbrooks@arkansas.gov

Technical Lead – Scott Ausbrooks, scott.ausbrooks@arkansas.gov