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Benefits of Sponsorship


Executive Summary

Project Overview

The Permian Basin Synthesis Project will compile, assemble, integrate, and distribute available geological data on Paleozoic reservoir plays in the Permian Basin. This integrated synthesis of data, concepts, and models will form a fundamental basis for providing Permian Basin operators with (a) outcrop and subsurface reservoir-specific models to be applied to engineering- and completion-based redevelopment of existing reservoirs, and (b) a detailed regional stratigraphic framework for applying such models to new exploration targets. Access to these data will decrease the risk and increase the efficiency of exploiting the remaining hydrocarbons in the Permian Basin and define new opportunities for drilling. The project will be led by Bureau of Economic Geology Senior Research Scientists Stephen C. Ruppel, Charles Kerans, and Robert Loucks, each of whom has more than 20 years experience in Permian Basin reservoir geology, and will include a team of at least 8 research staff and students. The initial project term is 3 years. Results will delivered annually. Work will be conducted at the Bureau of Economic Geology in Austin, Texas.

Cost of Sponsorship

$19,000 per year per company (Accelerated payment discounts available: $37,000 for 2 years; $54,000 for 3 years). Sponsorship funds will be leveraged against more than $1 million in additional Bureau and DOE project funds.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Priority, exclusive access to project deliverables and products.
  • Attendance at annual workshops at which findings will be presented.
  • Involvement in guiding project scope and focus
  • Direct access to project staff


A key deliverable will be a comprehensive GIS (ARC/GISª) database of regional structure maps, depositional systems maps, facies maps, cross sections, core descriptions and data, outcrop descriptions and sections, reservoir data, and an extensive bibliographic database. This database will be supplemented by a profusely illustrated, written synthesis of depositional history, stratigraphy, facies, structural history, and reservoir development in the Permian Basin. Seismic sections will be included to illustrate major geologic features and depositional relationships.

Primary deliverables and products:

  • Written comprehensive, report on the reservoir geology of Permian Basin: paper and digital.
  • GIS database of play data continually updated and accessible online and on CD.
  • Incremental reports on individual plays: paper and digital versions, delivered upon completion.

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