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Steve Laubach

Bureau of Economic Geology

Structural geology; Structural diagenesis

Senior Research Scientist and Jackson Research Fellow, BEG. Research on fractured reservoirs, tight gas sandstone. Before joining BEG taught at Lehigh U.; B.S. Tufts U., M.S., Ph.D. U. of Illinois. SPE Distinguished Lecturer in 2004 [ abstract ].

Professional Summary [ PDF ][more info]

Randall A. Marrett

Geological Sciences

Quantitative structural geology

Associate Professor in structural geology. [ DGS ]

Jon E. Olson

Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

Geomechanical modeling

Associate Professor in petroleum & geosystems engineering. Research on fractured reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing and petroleum rock mechanics. Before joining UT was research engineer at Mobil. B.S Notre Dame and Ph.D. Stanford. [ PGE ]

Peter Eichhubl

Bureau of Economic Geology

Structural diagenesis

Research Scientist in structural diagenesis.

Jon Holder

Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

Rock mechanics; Rock physics; Testing

Research Associate in petroleum & geosystems engineering, research in rock mechanics and petrophysics. Formerly principal geoscientist at CGS Inc. and Earth Technology Corp. Assistant/Associate Professor of geology at U. of Illinois. B.S. in physics, Lamar U., Ph.D., physics, U. of Illinois.

Julia Gale

Bureau of Economic Geology

Structural geology; Fractured carbonate rocks

Research Associate, structural geology.

Kitty L. Milliken

Geological Sciences

Geochemistry; Fractured shale

Shale petrology; Diagenesis

Senior Research Scientist, diagenesis and geochemistry.

Larry W. Lake

Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

Petroleum engineering; Geostatistics


Rob Reed

Bureau of Economic Geology

Microstructural imaging; Structural geology

Fractured basement rocks

Research Scientist Associate.

John Hooker

Bureau of Economic Geology

Fracture maps; Provenance:

Soft-sediment faults

Research Scientist Associate, BEG.
Research Fellow

Linda M. Bonnell

331-0363  Geocosm site

Diagenesis, burial history analysis

Research Fellow, BEG.

Robert H. Lander

331-0363  Geocosm site

Diagenetic and structure modeling

Research Fellow, BEG.
Visiting Scientists & Postdoctoral Fellows

Steve Becker

Bureau of Economic Geology

Fluid inclusions



Virginio Neumann

University Pernambuco, Brazil

Bureau of Economic Geology

Carbonate geology


Other UT scientists collaborate with FRAC on topics of mutual interest.


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